we build unexpected experiences

​From live games to interactive discussions, we specialize in crafting distinctive, immersive experiences. Our projects can be narrative-based, structurally experimental, or anywhere in between, but they are all linked by our steadfast belief in the value of live events and face-to-face interactions. Through our work we explore the nature of what’s joyful, unexpected and necessary about being in a room with other human beings. 


We divide our time between creating events and full length productions for audiences and patrons, and our for hire division, where we apply our expertise to the needs of outside clients. Maintaining dedicated time for art-making alongside a thriving experience design consulting practice allows us ample space for experimentation and innovation, and keeps us engaged as artists in our own right. Meanwhile, our client-based for hire work benefits from our continual growth and evolution as thinkers, artists and makers, where we create trainings and custom-made engagement tools to attract and retain audiences.


The Dilettantes, formed in 2012 and incorporated in 2014, are based in Chicago, Illinois.

The Dilettantes are:

erika grammel | aaron weissman | rebecca stevens

experience creators | art-makers | live event designers