we build unexpected experiences

As artists we are instigators and investigators, exploring the nature of what’s joyful, unexpected and necessary about live experiences in the company of other human beings. We do this by repurposing known events or environments – a science lab, a bank robbery, turn of the century Chicago – then creating new worlds inside them where both an audience and a story can live. Our projects draw on game design, theatrical storytelling and immersive environments to create new and innovative mechanisms for active audience engagement. Our recent work includes Science Night: Game Show Edition, a live game that places participants on the cusp of scientific glory...or failure; and Bloody, Bold & Resolute, a live board game based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. 


Our work begins by identifying forms, genres, or game structures with the potential for strong story lines, visually arresting environments and dynamic audience participation. We then explore initial concepts, teasing out unexpected angles and unturned stones around the idea, always asking ourselves “What is the audience experience?” Localizing the specific journey we want an audience to embark on, both physically (what do they do?) and emotionally (what do they feel?), is the central component of a new project. We hone our work through a process that oscillates between showcasing and workshopping, allowing us to learn quickly how an audience interacts with our work. Even after a premiere, the process of learning from an audience to make our events clearer, sharper, and more specific never truly ends. This is one of the benefits to having such a direct relationship to our audience: we are always growing, changing and improving our work along the way.

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