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Experience design consultation

May/April 2014


Illinois Library Association


Three breakout programs at annual convention

October 23, 2015

Chicago Public Library


Event design and facillitation, Teen Services convention

"Bam! The Power of Comics"

October 21, 2014

Mishkan Chicago


High Holidays experience design 

September/October 2014, September 2015


Passover Seder experience design

April 4th, 2015


Volunteer Team training

April 19th, 2015

Illinois Humanities


Program design and facillitation:


"Heros Like Us: Representation in Comic Books"

August 14, 2014


"Instagram: Images of Self and Society"

November 12, 2014


"Reporting Back: Perspectives on Violence in Chicago Communities"

May 18th, 2015

Skokie Public Library


Program design and facillitation:

"Big Thinking: Science That Stokes the Popular Imagination"

May 6th, 2015




Season-long partnership with ICE's monthly new music showcase, December 2015 - June 2016

Divsersity in Comics, 

Chicago Public Library

Instagram: Images of Self and Society

Illinois Humanities Council

Passover Seder,

Mishkan Chicago

Divsersity in Comics,

Illinois Humanities Council

Ask Big Questions


Turned ABQ's conversation guides into an interactive, conversation based card game

January - June 2016