we build unexpected experiences

As experience design consultants, we work with a range of outside clients to create interactive programs and events for their organizations, as well as lead dynamic training sessions to equip employees with the skills needed to craft innovative programming. We also partner with organizations to create custom-made engagement tools to attract and retain audiences.


Drawing on our work as artists, we design events that facilitate both engagement and participation. A theoretical background in theater and performance, supported by years of experience working in the field, allows us to move seamlessly from theory to practice and ideation to action, crafting unique ways to engage audiences. We can lead a design either in its entirety or steer a distinct project section to complement a broader program. Our skills include but are not limited to: event design, audience development and engagement strategy, programming training, design integration, strategic planning, project management, production management, room set-up and A/V implementation, and discussion facilitation.


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