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The Heist

The Project:

The Heist is an interactive experience that invites audience members to pull off a classic, cinema-style robbery. Inspiration for the project comes from the great heist movies of the past 50 years, and the colorful history of bank robberies in the United States: the former football star who stole $400,000 from a bank with the help of craigslist and an inner tube; the a southern belle who spent decades robbing banks dressed as a bearded cowboy; even the two men who robbed banks without a trace for 30 years until one of them wanted to retire.

The Heist created by Erika Grammel, Karen Shimmin, Rebecca Stevens, and Aaron Weissman


The Heist is currently in development, with a full production coming in Spring 2017.

In 2016 the project has been developed at:

In the Works, through Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

High Concept Lab’s Sponsored Artist Program