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How We Work

Our custom and tailor-made design work focuses both on how an event or an engagement tool functions (the structure) and what happens inside of it (the content) in order to best encourage audience participation and interaction. We weave together form and content working with our client through a multi-stage design process which includes:

 Research and Strategic Planning:

  • What are the needs of the project? Needs of the organization? How do they intersect at the program or engagement tool we’ve been tasked to create? What sort of feelings or responses should the program elicit? What sort of experience does the client hope the audience has over the course of the event?


Initial ideas and First Concept

  • What are possible structures for this event? How do these structures fit with the ideas for content? How do they deliver on the desired experience the client has articulated?

  • What are the bad ideas? The easy answers to the problem? What information do these give us to help us find an initial concept?



  • Take the initial concept and iterate. Test it out and put it into practice, exploring what works, what doesn’t, and why. What kinds of experiences are the natural outgrowth of this concept? Do they match the experience intended by the designers and the client?

  • Is there a single dominant experience? Is that good or bad for this program?



  • What components, equipment or accessories are required? If certain elements aren’t feasible, are there alternatives? Identify weakness and problem spots in the final concept.  If solutions to core logistical or practicality issues can’t be found, return to initial ideas for a new program design.



  • What are the needs of the program on the day-of? How can we most effectively support the organization in executing the design concept? How can we create an environment that is open and welcoming to encourage participation by the audience?

  • During the course of an event, how is the program landing with the audience? Are there real time adjustments that can be made to enhance the participants experience?


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