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May 21: Live performance / Digital mediums

June 4: Open Source / Capitalism

June 18: Lived experience / Gamification

Past Topics

  • Open Source Technology

  • Arts in Education

  • The Ethics of Charitable Giving

  • Live Performance / Digital Mediums

  • Gamification

Science Night is a live, interactive game that invites players to experience what it means to be a scientist on the cusp of glory...or failure. An ideal team building experience or unique alternative to your standard office party, Science Night blends together collaboration, competition, and good old fashion science. 

check out our ongoing Art Lab projects SCIENCE NIGHT and JUNTO

and stayed tuned for our newest project HEIST coming 2016...

at Loyola
at Pivot Arts


June 15th, 2016, 8pm @ Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Tickets on sale now, only $10


Heist is currently in development, as we work to translate a highly visual, cinematic genre into a cohesive, interactive experience. We are currently in the midst of two residencies:


-In the Works, through Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

-High Concept Lab’s Sponsored Artist Program

Stay tuned for more info on the full run of Heist, coming 2017

The Project:

Heist is an interactive experience that invites audience members pull off a classic, cinema-style robbery. Inspiration for the project comes from the great heist movies of the past 50 years, and the colorful history of bank robberies in the United States: the former football star who stole $400,000 from a bank with the help of craigslist and an inner tube; the a southern belle who spent decades robbing banks dressed as a bearded cowboy; even the two men who robbed banks without a trace for 30 years until one of them wanted to retire.

Climb aboard the Expedition Macbeth as a fleet of ships sets sail through dangerous waters. Treachery

is afoot as competing factions scheme to murder

the captain and gain control of the ship. Part board game, part live experience, Bloody, Bold & Resolute asks the audience to seize power - and hang on to it - before time runs out.

Bloody, Bold & Resolute runs roughly 75 minutes and will take place in CH Distillery's private event space. Enjoy dinner or drinks at The Bar & Table at

CH Distillery before or after either show! 

October 19th, 2016

7:00pm & 8:30pm

CH Distillery (564 W Randolph St, Chicago)

Science Night is an original competition that invites players to experience what it means to be a scientist on the cusp of glory...or failure. Players must outmaneuver their opponents to create billowing foam, shapeshifting goo, drop eggs into bottles, explode plastic lunch bags and more, all before time – or resources – run out.

Created in the summer of 2013, Science Night premiered as an underground game in garages in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood through 2014. After hosting sold out late-night pop up events, The Dilettantes produced a full run of Science Night: Classic Edition in the Spring and Fall of 2015 and premiered 
Science Night: Game Show Edition at Steppenwolf Theatre Company's LookOut Series in the Summer of 2016.

In Science Night: Classic Edition teams of two fiercely compete against one another in a laboratory that can occupy up to eight teams at one time. Retooled as a game show, Science Night: Game Show Edition divides the audience up into different sections - forming teams - that compete against each other. Over the course of the show, multiple players from each team try their hand at the experiments onstage. All games in the laboratory are supervised by our distinguished and honorable Principal Investigators, and additionally, the game show edition includes our Host and Commentators. 


Stay tuned for the next Science Night, coming June 2017